Request termination of an ISIN



With the "ISIN Request screen" displayed, select TERMINATE from the Request Type field.



Enter or select the relevant information from the "Request Information section ".



Manually enter the instrument's details in the "Information To Change section".



Click the I'm not a robot checkbox.



Select the applicable images and then click the VERIFY button.

Note: The reCAPTCHA will expire after 2 minutes of inactivity.



Read the 'terms and conditions' by clicking the Acknowledgements hyperlink and then click the Acknowledgements checkbox.



Click the SUBMIT button.

Note: The "Submit ISIN Termination dialog box" is displayed.



Click the PROCEED button.

Note: The system will perform various validations and duplication checks.

§     If all checks are valid, a second pop-up dialog box is displayed.

§     If errors are identified, an error message is displayed and you will be required to fix the errors before proceeding.



With the second "Submit ISIN Termination dialog box" displayed, click the OK button to return to the "ISIN Request screen".

Note: You will receive an email confirming your 'Terminate ISIN Request'. This email will include your reference number.



All supporting documents must be sent to [email protected] Please ensure that you include your reference number.




The NNA is responsible for collecting and validating the registration data, including Issuer information, Instrument Type, Instrument Terms, and countries where the Instrument is traded. We would therefore request the relevant supporting documents, where applicable, in order for the NNA to verify the Issuer and Instrument. These documents include:

  • Copies of the CIPC document confirming the registration details of the Company, and

  • Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) - Only copies of the pages referring to the type of instruments (for example, Ordinary, A-ordinary, Preference, etc.) which are authorised to be listed under the Registered Company, and

  • Draft prospectus/memorandum or Pre-listing statement - Only copies of the pages verifying the name of the Instrument, or

  • Offering Circular, or

  • Applicable Pricing Supplement (APS).


Note: You will receive a follow up email once the request has been approved by the NNA.



Fields in the ISIN Request screen

All fields are mandatory.

Request Information section



Request Type field

This is a <drop-down> field. Select TERMINATE.

Requested on behalf of field

This is a <drop-down> field. Indicate on whose behalf you are requesting the termination.

  • 4AX Exchange

  • ZAR X Exchange

  • A-Z Exchange

  • Private Company (OTC)

Requested By field

This is a <drop-down> field. Select the company or representative requesting the termination.


  • CSDP

  • Company Representative

  • 4AX Exchange

  • ZAR X Exchange

  • A-Z Exchange

Requestor Name field

Enter your name in this field.

You can enter a maximum of 255 characters.

Note: You will be contacted should the NNA require any additional information in order to complete this request.

Requestor Contact Number field

Enter your telephone number in this field.

The following format must be used:

Country Code (5 alphanumeric characters) - Area Code (10 alphanumeric characters) - number (15 alphanumeric characters)

Example: +27 11 5207000

Requestor Email Address field

Enter your email address in this field. You can enter a maximum of 128 characters.



Information To Change section



Instrument ISIN field

Enter the Instrument ISIN.

Termination Description field

Indicate that you want to terminate the Instrument ISIN.

IMPORTANT: If you require a new Instrument due to a Corporate Action, you will need to terminate (Terminate process) the original instrument and request a new ISIN (New process).

Instrument Alpha code field

This field will be pre-populated with a prefix of the selected Exchanges short code (Requested On Behalf Of field) . You cannot edit the prefix, however, you can enter the preferred alpha code.


Exchange 4AX: Prefix 4A + 3 or 4 characters.   Example: 4ALTL or 4ALTL1


Exchange ZAR X: Prefix ZX + 3 or 4 characters. Example: ZXLTL or ZXLTL1


Exchange A-Z: Prefix AZ plus 3  or 4  characters. Example: AZLTL or AZLTL1


OTC Unlisted: Prefix U plus 1 - 8 characters. Example:  ULTL or ULTLTRAIN

Instrument Long Name field

You can enter a maximum of 24 alpha-numeric characters. You must use sentence case.

Example: Acme Corporation (Pty) Ltd

Instrument Short Name field

You can enter a maximum of 14 alpha-numeric characters. You must use sentence case.


  • Acme

  • JSmith